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4 Reasons Your Training Is Hitting A Wall

At the heart of MY ASICS is a suite of adaptive training programs developed at the ASICS Institute of Sport Science, designed to take novice and professional runners alike to new heights.

No matter how successful your training program is, however, there will be times when you hit a wall. Learning to diagnose the problem will help you to develop a solution and push through to the next level.

Problem 1: Too Much, Too Often

If you find yourself out of breath, or completely drained, after every run, you could be pushing yourself too hard.

Yes, it is possible to overtrain, and it happens when your body gets pushed beyond its capability to recover.

If you run too fast, you can push your body too hard, going beyond the body's capacity to deliver oxygen to your muscles. And if you're putting in too many kilometres, your body can tire, meaning you will need more time to recover for your next training run.

The result? Your performance may plateau or even worsen. In more extreme cases, overtraining can cause injury, sleep disturbance, and even depression.

The Solution: Take a Step-by-step Approach

The first step is to manage your pace. Identify a comfortable speed and factor it into your training plan. You can calculate your pace with a simple stopwatch, or with more sophisticated training apps like MY ASICS.

The second step is to manage your distance. If you're looking to run long distances, you need to build up gradually over time. Taking too large of a jump in distance will only lead to injury, and set you back in your training goals. Building a training plan is a great way to help you gradually increase your distance over time and reach your training milestones.

Problem 2: The Right Fuel

Diet is essential not only in providing the energy you need when you're running, but also in helping you recover and build muscle.

Complex carbohydrates help your body produce glycogen which delivers energy to your muscles while proteins are essential to help repair and build muscles, as well as produce hormones. Then there are fats, vitamins and minerals to factor in.

The Solution: Balance Your Diet

Think carefully about what you're eating. In addition to plenty of vitamins and minerals, your training diet should be made up of:

A registered dietitian will be able to work with you to determine what foods are best for your specific dietary needs.

Problem 3: Not Resting Between Runs

If you are going to continue to run at your best, you need to give your body the opportunity to recover between training runs. If you're working too hard, playing too many other sports, or stressed, you may be setting yourself back in your training.

The Solution: Take It Easy

It might sound counter-intuitive, but rest is one of the most crucial parts of any successful training plan.

Getting adequate rest between training runs gives your body time to repair itself and recover in order to build up your strength over time.

Problem 4: Not Enough Sleep

Tiredness is another factor that can affect your performance. Sleep enables phases of the recovery process that there are simply no substitutes for. If you are not sleeping, your body cannot recover and your training will begin to suffer.

The Solution: Wind Down Before Bed

Make sure you set aside time to relax before you go to bed. Reading, listening to music, or taking a hot bath are all great ways to wind down and calm your mind before bed.

If you're suffering from more sever sleep problems, consult your doctor to determine a plan for getting the rest you need.

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